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2018 Award Recipients

The Student Learning and Success Teamwork Award recognizes departments or interdisciplinary groups at Oregon State University that have demonstrated exceptional teamwork in creating and sustaining an exemplary teaching and learning environment to advance the university’s strategic goal of student success and excellence. The 2018 award goes to Team Math: Sara Clark (Instructor, Mathematics), Susan Fein (Instructional Designer, Extended Campus), Lynn Greenough (Associate Director, Academic Technology), Liz Jones (Instructor, Educational Opportunities Program), Cub Kahn (Coordinator, Hybrid Course Initiative), Scott Peterson (Senior Instructor II, Mathematics), Lyn Riverstone (Senior Instructor I, Mathematics), Daniel Rockwell (Senior Instructor I, Mathematics), Katy Williams (Instructor, Mathematics) and David Wing (Instructor, Mathematics).

The Excellence in Postdoctoral Mentoring Award recognizes and encourages outstanding mentoring of postdoctoral appointees by OSU faculty members. The 2018 recipient is Xiulei (David) Ji, Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Science.

The Herbert F. Frolander Graduate Teaching Assistant Award recognizes graduate students who have excelled in their capacity as teaching assistants.  For 2018, this honor is given to Chris Kargel, Graduate Teaching Assistant in the School of Language, Culture and Society, College of Liberal Arts.

The Promising Scholar Award recognizes the scholarship of junior faculty. The 2018 recipient is Xiulei (David) Ji, Associate Professor of Chemistry, College of Science.

The OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship recognizes OSU faculty who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in a specific project or activity resulting in substantial impact beyond the university setting. This award is presented in 2018 to Bill Ripple, Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Director of the Global Trophic Cascades Program, College of Forestry.

The OSU Exemplary Employee Award honors one professional faculty member and one classified staff member for their outstanding performance. The 2018 recipients are John Comar (Professional Faculty), Regional Class Research Vessel Shipyard Representative, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences and Bryan Feyerherm (Classified Staff), Library Technician, OSU Libraries.

The University Mentoring and Professional Development Award recognizes those who excel in supporting and encouraging OSU employees to participate in professional and/or educational development opportunities. The 2018 honoree is Charlene Martinez, Associate Director of Integrative Learning for Student Experiences & Engagement.

The OSU Outreach and Engagement Award recognizes significant and meritorious work which enhances reciprocal learning with our students, partners and stakeholders through outreach and engagement activities. The 2018 award is presented to Ramesh Sagili, Associate Professor of Apiculture, College of Agricultural Sciences.

The OSU Professional Faculty Excellence Award recognizes exceptional service to the university community by faculty who serve in non-academic units or whose service in an academic unit is not defined within the traditional academic categories of teaching, research, or extension. This award is presented in 2018 to Lynn Paul, Head Advisor for Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME) Graduate Programs, College of Engineering.

The Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award recognizes a member of the OSU community who contributes to and enhances the environment of OSU through consistent and sustained efforts to improve opportunities for the diverse communities we serve. Becky Warner, Professor of Sociology, College of Liberal Arts is the 2018 award recipient.

The purpose of the International Service Award is to recognize exemplary, on-going contributions of OSU faculty and staff to the internationalization of the university by enhancing student, faculty, and staff awareness and participation in international education, research, and related activities. Tammy Bray, Professor of Nutrition and Global Health, College of Public Health and Human Sciences is the 2018 recipient.

The OSU Academic Advising Award recognizes undergraduate academic advising by professional faculty rank as well as fixed-term academic rank faculty whose primary role is advising and acknowledges advising as a profession making a pivotal contribution to the OSU community. The 2018 recipient is Andrea Nelson, Academic Advisor, College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

The purpose of the Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award is to recognize scholarly achievement and a level of innovation and effort that far exceeds expectations. Amanda Vance, Faculty Research Assistant in Horticulture, College of Agricultural Sciences is the 2018 recipient.

The Industry Partnering Award recognizes a faculty member who achieves extraordinarily high impact innovations through research collaborations with industry.  This award is presented in 2018 to Shawn Mehlenbacher, Professor of Hazelnut Breeding and Genetics, College of Agricultural Sciences.

The Faculty Innovator Award recognizes a faculty member whose extraordinarily high-impact innovations from research are translated into transformative results that help promote economic development and social progress. The 2018 honoree is Jonathan Hurst, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering.

The OSU Faculty Teaching Excellence Award honors unusually significant and meritorious achievement in teaching and scholarship which enhances effective instruction. This award is presented in 2018 to David Hurwitz, Associate Professor of Transportation Engineering, College of Engineering.

The D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award recognizes individuals for exceptional, ongoing, dedicated and unselfish concern for and service to OSU faculty. The 2018 honoree is John Parmigiani, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Senior Researcher and Director of Industry Research and Outreach, College of Engineering.

The Richard M. Bressler Senior Faculty Teaching Award recognizes full professors who have been at OSU a minimum of 15 years and consistently provide direct instruction to undergraduate students. Marjorie Sandor, Professor of Creative Writing, College of Liberal Arts is the 2018 recipient.

The OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award recognizes a faculty member for superior academic performance, professional renown, and service to the University and to the public. In 2018, the honor is presented to Michael Kent, Professor of Microbiology, College of Science.

The Beaver Champion Award is Oregon State's President's award which recognizes an individual or individuals who continually demonstrate outstanding effort and achievement of excellence, extra effort beyond that requested, and performance of the highest quality. The 2018 honorees are Bruce Mate, Director and Endowed Chair, Marine Mammal Institute, College of Agricultural Sciences; Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President of Finance & Strategic Planning, OSU-Cascades; and Marianne Vydra, Deputy Athletics Director for Administration/SWA, OSU Athletics.

The following Awards were not presented in 2018:

The Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award honors graduate faculty members who have extraordinary records of excellence and effectiveness in mentoring graduate students.

The Karel J. H. Murphy Professional Faculty Leadership and Service Award honors a professional faculty member who has provided outstanding leadership and service throughout their career both within their department and in programs and organizations across Oregon State University.

The Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award recognizes outstanding advising of undergraduate students by a member of the OSU faculty, as well as demonstrated success in teaching, research and service.

The Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award recognizes an individual for outstanding undergraduate teaching; research, particularly related to improvement of instruction; and professional leadership.


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