The College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences is built on a foundation of outstanding faculty who work together to solve today's complex, interdisciplinary environmental challenges. Our research covers a broad span, including basic research on physical, chemical and biological processes in the solid Earth, ocean and atmosphere. We also have research excellence in key societal issues, including climate change, natural hazards, resource exploration/exploitation, and the human dimensions of these issues.

Areas of expertise and focus include:

  • Coastal and near-shore oceanography
  • Water resources
  • Climate change
  • Elemental cycles and food web
  • Advective and diffusive transport in the ocean and atmosphere
  • Solid earth research to study magmatic and tectonic processes
  • Natural hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes, coastal storms and sea level rise
  • Land-change science and human dimensions of environmental change

The college offers diverse funded research opportunities for graduate students, from microbial ecology in the Arctic to seismic wave propagation.


Graduate Student Research

Theses, Dissertations and Student Research Papers – Collections at ScholarsArchive@OSU: