Future Students

If you are interested in graduate programs with CEOAS:

  • Check out the research being done in the college.
  • Take the GRE.
  • Review the information on the Graduate Programs pages about the different graduate degrees we offer.
  • Review information and apply online through the OSU Graduate School.

If you are a high school student interested in the CEOAS undergraduate programs:

  • Continue taking math and science courses in high school!
  • Schedule a campus visit through the admissions office. They can help you set up an appointment to talk to a CEOAS advisor.
  • Review the Undergraduate Programs pages.

If you are a current OSU Student interested in a CEOAS undergraduate major, minor or certificate:

  • Review the program requirements on this website and on the OSU catalog.
  • Review program information on the Undergraduate Programs page.
  • Visit the Undergraduate Advising page to make an appointment or come to drop in advising to discuss your plans.
  • Visit the "Choosing a Major site."

If you are a student at another college or university wishing to transfer to OSU for an undergraduate program:

  • Review the transfer student information on the admissions website and apply as a transfer student.
  • Use the course equivalency information to determine how your courses will transfer, and compare these to the undergraduate degree requirements.
  • Contact an advisor if you have questions about degree requirements or how your courses may transfer into the CEAOS majors.

If you are interested in earning a degree in Environmental Sciences through our Ecampus program

If you have already earned an undergraduate degree and would like to pursue a second undergraduate degree:

  • Review the admissions criteria for post-baccalaureate students in CEOAS.
  • Apply to OSU as a Post-Baccalaureate student through the main admissions website.
  • Work with an advisor to determine how your prior coursework will apply to your new major.