2020 University Day Award Recipients


2020 University Day Award Recipient Video

Student Learning and Success Teamwork Award

The Student Learning and Success Teamwork Award recognizes departments or interdisciplinary groups at Oregon State University that have demonstrated exceptional teamwork in creating and sustaining an exemplary teaching and learning environment to advance the university’s strategic goal of student success and excellence.

College of Business Student Engagement Team:

Vaerine Bauder (Office Specialist 2)

Brianna Beene (Events Manager)

Lauren Caruso (Assistant Director)

Marcella Flores (Assistant Director)

Stephen Hodges (Program Manager)

Caiden Marcus (Academic Advisor)

Dale McCauley (Program Manager)

Sandy Neubaum (Executive Director)

Amy Neuman (Program Manager)

Katelyn O’Brien (Instructor)

Kayleen Salchenberg (Program Manager)

Cody Schrock (Office Specialist 2)

Stephen Summers (Instructor)

Omar Trinidad (Instructor)

Kim Vierra (Program Manager)

Jennifer Villalobos (Program Manager)

Bailey Wood (Recruitment Coordinator)

Dan Ziriax (Assistant Director, Professional Development)


The Blueprint Model is a 12-course education-to-career program on personal, professional and leadership skill development and financial literacy that is making an impact on every student that comes through the College of Business. All College of Business students participate in the program. Students who complete the first-year experience program are retained through the subsequent fall term at a 91% rate, overall, and at a 90% rate for underrepresented minorities. Those efforts have been externally recognized, attracting funding so that program developers can expand their efforts, including a scholarship program.

The Student Engagement team has worked tirelessly to iterate content based on feedback that they receive from students, employers, internal and external COB stakeholders, and their own analysis of content and gaps, in order to improve Blueprint. The model has allowed the college to close the achievement gap with respect to retention rates for first generation students, and equips every student with a financial plan for life. Effectively, the Student Engagement team has created the Blueprint model that allows COB students to graduate profession-ready – eager to engage, work hard, and give back throughout their lives. The model has now been extended to students in the COB’s Ecampus program, as well as its OSU-Cascades program.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Faculty Member Award

The Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Faculty Member award recognizes outstanding undergraduate research mentoring by an OSU faculty member. Recipients will have direct and significant involvement with undergraduate student researchers, a demonstrable commitment to the research mentorship of undergraduate students, and a record of effectiveness and impact with respect to undergraduate student research and success.

Sam Logan
Associate Professor and Director
Social Mobility Lab & Playtech Workshop

Through his work, Sam Logan contributes to the fields of child development and rehabilitation through advances in innovative training and technology to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities. Since his hire at OSU in September 2014, Logan has built a successful research program that has set the standard for engagement with undergraduates in research mentoring. The most unique feature of this engagement is the synthesis of experiential learning, research mentoring and the immediate community impact of this work through programs like “Go, Baby, Go,” a community-based research, design and outreach program that provides modified ride-on cars to young children who experience limited mobility. He exerts a high level of effort and engagement with undergraduate students from many disciplines via funded undergraduate research experiences, experiential learning courses, Honors College teaching and theses supervision. Logan has mentored 54 students in for-credit experiential learning credit-bearing instruction. He has 21 conferences presentations with 24 undergraduates as co-authors, and 6 peer-reviewed publications with 10 undergraduates as co-authors. Logan is an accessible and dependable mentor who provides comprehensive guidance to undergraduates from start to finish throughout their research experience.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Graduate Student or Post-doc Award

The Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Graduate Student or Post-doc award recognizes outstanding undergraduate research mentoring by OSU graduate students and postdocs. Recipients will have direct and significant involvement with undergraduate student researchers, a demonstrable commitment to the research mentorship of undergraduate students, and a record of effectiveness and impact with respect to undergraduate student research and success.

Sarah Gravem
Postdoctoral Scholar
Integrative Biology

Sarah Gravem is a postdoctoral fellow studying the ecological consequences of sea star wasting disease for intertidal communities in the Lubchenco-Menge research lab. Her appointment to leading the sea star wasting task force was based on her excellent research record and academic credentials, but she has also shown incredible talent in recruiting and advising undergraduate researchers to work on this and other lab projects. While at OSU she has advised or co-advised 46 undergraduates, 29 of whom were female and 10 were persons of color. So far, 2 of these students have entered PhD programs, and 7 have joined MS programs. Particularly noteworthy is her success at recruiting and advising students for the SURE and URSA undergraduate scholarship programs. Each year since she arrived, she has spearheaded the lab’s efforts to recruit such students. Gravem works closely with each applicant, helping to identify a project, talking them through the concepts and details of how to do the project, editing proposals and manuscripts, helping them create posters and powerpoints, and providing enthusiastic encouragement throughout. Co-workers say the source of this success in mentorship is her incredible excitement with, and drive to succeed in science and pedagogy. She is a superb critic, and adept at helping to express ideas and provide creative suggestions for how to do research. All these talents are applied with equal fervor to colleagues at all levels, from scientists that have been active for decades to novices just starting to be aware of their career interests.

Herbert F. Frolander Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

The Herbert F. Frolander Graduate Teaching Assistant Award recognizes graduate students who have excelled in their capacity as teaching assistants.

Kayla Jara
Doctoral Candidate
Biochemistry and Biophysics

Kayla Jara has been a GTA in Biochemistry and Biophysics since Fall of 2017. She was promoted to the head TA of the largest class in Biochemistry and Biophysics and the most advanced lab. Her Electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching scores are consistently unmatched, significantly above the department average. Student comments about Jara are glowing, and so are the support letters from the faculty. The comments convey her accessibility, seriousness, and dedication to teaching and student success. Jara combines innovative teaching, exemplary mentoring, academic excellence and a superb commitment to student success, with exquisite experimental research skills. Everything she does, she does perfectly and with incredible passion and attention to detail. Jara was voted the president of the graduate student association in BB, a testament of the leadership qualities her fellow graduate students see in her. Every summer she coordinates the OSU Biochemistry and Biophysics Summer Camp, on a volunteer basis. The camp brings high school and middle school students from around the region. It both excites students about science and is valuable recruiting tool for OSU. She recently headed the application for a Biophysics Student Chapter from the Biophysical society, a premier organization in the field. She will be organizing all biophysics-related activities for both undergraduate and graduate students in the whole Pacific Northwest and Mountain region.

Excellence in Postdoctoral Mentoring Award

The Excellence in Postdoctoral Mentoring Award recognizes and encourages outstanding mentoring of postdoctoral appointees by OSU faculty members.

Yanyun Zhao
Food Science and Technology

Yanyun Zhao has served as a supervisor for 12 postdocs, including 10 postdoctoral research associates and 2 postdoctoral scholars since starting her current position at OSU. Her goal is to not only provide mentoring in research methodologies, but also helping them develop professional skills that are necessary for long-term success in their professional careers. Zhao helps her postdocs develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. While giving direction and guidance, Zhao also challenges her postdocs to think independently by providing the freedom to conduct research that fits their own interests and recognizes their contributions. At least four postdocs are co-inventors in patented technologies developed during their time in the lab. She encourages her postdocs to write proposals, many of which have been successful. Zhao prepares her mentees for successful careers by providing professional skill training at both lab meetings and in formal training programs. She introduces them to academic and industry networks by funding trips to present and compete at conferences, encourages them to pursue service roles in professional organizations, nominates them for awards, helps with their job search, and most importantly, serves as a role model of professional commitment and dedication. These efforts have led to the success of the former postdocs as evidenced by their successful career positions, strong record of publications, awards, and leadership roles.

Postdoctoral Excellence Award

The Postdoctoral Excellence Awards are granted to two exceptional postdoctoral scholars, fellows or research associates for their exceptional contributions to their research field, OSU and the greater postdoctoral community.

James Fox
Postdoctoral Scholar

James Fox works in Kimberly Halsey’s laboratory in the Department of Microbiology. His first major scientific contribution is a new computational model that is based on remote sensing observations and greatly improves descriptions of phytoplankton physiological ‘health’ over a broad dynamic range. This new model allows highly accurate assessments of ocean photosynthesis and is being applied to understand ocean biogeochemical cycles. In his role as the professional development coordinator of OSU’s postdoctoral association, he developed a new seminar series related to the academic tenure process and ensured delivery of a diversity of themes including outreach, on-campus resources, and grant writing amongst others. Fox became an Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Science Communication fellow in 2019. As an OMSI fellow, Fox participates in multiple outreach activities with the public, using creative approaches to explain complex ideas about oceanography, carbon cycling, and marine microbes.

Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo Rodriguez
Research Associate
Chemistry/Mass Spectrometry Center

Manuel Garcia-Jaramillo is a postdoctoral research associate and project specialist in OSU’s Mass Spectrometry Center and the Molecular Nutrition and Diabetes Research Lab, and has a USDA NIFA 2-year postdoctoral research fellowship. His work in the Mass Spectrometry Center on oxylipins has already led to the filing of an invention disclosure with Garcia-Jaramillo as the lead inventor. During his still relatively short postdoctoral research career at OSU, Garcia-Jaramillo has already published two first author publications, co-authored a third publication and just submitted a manuscript to Lancet, a premier medical journal, as shared first author. His enthusiasm for teaching led him to pursue an OSU associate teaching level certificate and he is an active mentor to other young scientists. He is a member of multiple professional societies allied to his field of interests, and also engages actively in service. He was vice president of the OSU Postdoctoral Association in 2019.

Promising Scholar Award

The Promising Scholar Award recognizes the scholarship of junior faculty.

Jovana Kovacevic
Assistant Professor
Food Safety Extension and Research

In the last four years, Jovana Kovacevic has received 13 highly competitive grants (with 4 pending), and scholarly publications spanning from traditional research manuscripts, technical reports to innovative education delivery mechanisms. Notably, Kovacevic has obtained $4.3 million in competitive grant support, with nearly $2 million awarded directly to her program – an incredible accomplishment in her early career. The impact she has made through these projects is reflected in the number of graduate students advised and graduated (3 completed; 1 current); her published and growing number of peer-review manuscripts and reports (13); 64 workshops and 103 presentations to peers and stakeholders; and over 200 food safety professional collaborations she has built through the Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety. During all of this time, she also designed and equipped Biosafety Level-1 and Level-2 labs at the Food Innovation Center. Kovacevic’s recognition has extended to international engagement as well. In 2018, she was invited to participate in a United Nations effort to modernize the food safety systems in Grenada to allow them to export fruits and vegetables to the United States and the United Kingdom. What truly sets Kovacevic apart is her ability to skillfully manage a research program that aligns with her extension program, achieving a high level of research productivity and critical stakeholder support.

OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship

The OSU Impact Award for Outstanding Scholarship recognizes OSU faculty who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in a specific project or activity resulting in substantial impact beyond the university setting.

Yanyun Zhao
Food Science and Technology

Yanyun Zhao is an internationally prominent researcher focused on developing new knowledge and value-added applications for edible food coatings. Her extraordinary contributions to advancing the science and technology of edible coatings for improving the productivity, postharvest storability and processing quality of fruit crops are broadly recognized by her peers, professional societies and stakeholders. Her work has been featured in numerous media. Zhao’s recently patented edible coating technologies have been licensed by a private company and are in the process of commercialization. She has attained an exceptional and highly productive record of outstanding scholarly contributions. Her OSU accomplishments have generated 158 publications, 21 book chapters, and 7 granted patents. She has edited two books and presented over 80 invited lectures nationally and internationally.

University Mentoring and Professional Development Award

The University Mentoring and Professional Development Award recognizes those who excel in supporting and encouraging OSU employees to participate in professional and/or educational development opportunities.

Adam Krynicki
Executive Director
OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab

The Innovation Co-Lab helps startups, nonprofits, and existing companies by giving them access to cutting-edge expertise, student teams, coworking space, and mentorship.  Through this work, their ventures grow the local economy, create jobs, and bring new opportunities to Central Oregon. As the executive director at the Innovation Co-Lab, Adam Krynicki works relentlessly to make sure that the small businesses and non-profits at the Co-Lab receive all of the resources and mentoring that they need. He continually goes above and beyond, often working 12-hour days, sometimes on the weekend to make sure that everyone is taken care of. He is a tireless mentor and advocate for everyone he comes in contact with and especially for the advancement of women and minorities.  As the head of the Co-Lab he is tasked with mentoring those who often have nothing to show but an idea. He is the biggest cheerleader and supporter of people who walk through the Co-Lab doors. He connects his interns with people in the community, spends many hours on finding contacts, and invests his own time to help interns. He tailors the interns’ work to fit the kinds of experiences that they would like to have. Above all, he demands that clients treat his interns respectfully and as peers, despite their being students.


OSU Professional Faculty Excellence Award

The OSU Professional Faculty Excellence Award recognizes exceptional service to the university community by faculty who serve in non-academic units or whose service in an academic unit is not defined within the traditional academic categories of teaching, research, or extension.

Suzanna Chase
College of Public Health and Human Sciences Graduate Student Recruitment & Admissions

Suzanna Chase has single-handedly created from scratch the admissions processes for all graduate programs in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. She implements these procedures to both simplify the admissions process and add value for the students. Chase uses innovative strategies to engage potential graduate students and to assist them throughout the application and admissions processes. She has also designed and implemented unique and innovative tactics to recruit underrepresented students to the College. In addition to directing and attending recruitment events both locally and nationally, she engages in intentional diversity recruitment efforts. Because of her forward-thinking strategies, the College has seen increases in graduate students who identify as Hispanic, Asian, and Multiracial, and first-generation students.  Chase was part of a team that created the MPH Pathway Program for CPHHS. In collaboration with INTO OSU, this program is especially geared towards recruiting international students into the MPH program. Over the past several years, Chase’s steadfast efforts to promote this program has resulted in a significant increase in the number of international students enrolled in the MPH program.

Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award

The Outstanding Diversity Advocate Award recognizes a member of the OSU community who contributes to and enhances the environment of OSU through consistent and sustained efforts to improve opportunities for the diverse communities we serve.

Teresita Alvarez-Cortez
Director, Diversity Initiatives & Programs
University Housing & Dining Services

Teresita Alvarez-Cortez has been key to helping develop and refine the Diversity Learning Assistant program in UHDS. This peer-led program has undergraduate students facilitating dialogue in the residence halls across multiple communities of difference while both providing support for minority students and also engaging dominant students in a curriculum that intends to move them from merely observers to actively engaged allies. She also works with Racial Aikido. This program aims to empower students of color to maintain a positive self-image while being able to respond to overt and covert acts of racism. She worked closely with the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) to create a CAMP Scholar Intern program within UHDS that provides a partial room remission for CAMP participants who also participate in weekly class activities, an internship within UHDS, and a culminating capstone paper and presentation. Alvarez-Cortez attends many events both on-campus and on-site where her cultural responsiveness and Spanish-language skill are critical factors in helping prospective students and families understand the process and experience of both enrolling at and attending OSU. She has also enhanced the recruitment of both diverse faculty as well as ensuring that those faculty hired have an understanding of what it means to be a part of an organization that not only values diversity but strives to live out those values in visible ways.

International Service Award 

The purpose of the International Service Award is to recognize exemplary, on-going contributions of OSU faculty and staff to the internationalization of the university by enhancing student, faculty, and staff awareness and participation in international education, research, and related activities.

Nordica MacCarty
Assistant Professor
School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

The opportunity to help develop the budding humanitarian engineering program brought Nordica MacCarty to Oregon State in 2015. The mission of this program is to provide students with the opportunities to use methods from multiple disciplines to address basic human needs and improve quality of life for underserved populations globally. She is a member of the program’s leadership team, and helps cultivate local and international networks for conducting research, coursework and program development, helps recruit graduate students, serves on the curriculum committee, maintains the website and social media accounts and serves as a point of contact for students interested in pursuing a minor. As an ambassador of this program, she has spoken to nearly 2,500 current and potential students about the opportunities available to use engineering to make a difference globally, presented at multiple engineering and entrepreneurial professional organizations across Oregon, and hosted events for visiting Oregon high school students. She has also developed and twice implemented a two-course series based on a faculty-led study abroad course in Guatemala. Students in her lab have traveled to Thailand, Uganda, Ghana, Guatemala, and Honduras for a total of over 622 student-days of in-field student research.

Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award

The Dar Reese Excellence in Advising Award recognizes outstanding advising of undergraduate students by a member of the OSU faculty, as well as demonstrated success in teaching, research and service.

Matt Kennedy
Senior Instructor I
Animal & Rangeland Sciences

Since 2008, Matt Kennedy has served as the academic advisor for 60-70 students each year. Kennedy has had over 50 former advisees continue on to graduate degrees in Animal Sciences, Agricultural Education, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Over the last two years, he has become a mentor in the College of Agricultural Sciences Leadership Academy in which he mentors and works with a chosen student all year to help further develop their leadership and life skills, while also helping them learn more about themselves and their abilities. He serves as the faculty lead for the OSU Steer-A-Year program. The Steer-A-Year program allows students to gain hands-on experience about beef production through a small feedlot simulation with cattle donated from across the state of Oregon. Kennedy also coordinates the Academic Quadrathlon. This competition allows upperclassmen to demonstrate their Animal Science knowledge through a written exam, oral presentation, quiz- bowl, and lab practicum. Kennedy then advises and travels with the winning OSU team at the sectional competition. Under his mentorship, OSU has won the sectional competition twice (in 2015 and 2018) then went on to compete in the national competition, being named Reserve National Champion in 2018.

Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award 

The Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award recognizes individuals for their contributions to the university as evidenced by exceptional work experience, scholarship, innovation, professional growth and contributions valuable to the State of Oregon.

Jane La Du
Faculty Research Assistant
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology

Jane La Du is the manager of the Tanguay Research Laboratory, under the direction of Robin Tanguay. Being in a research-intensive lab, La Du has had to train and mentor over two dozen young scientists with varying levels of science knowledge. She works with them side by side for weeks, months, and for some, even a full year. From these interactions and her scientific contributions, she has coauthored 27 high-quality peer-reviewed manuscripts and presented posters at national meetings. She has independently led large-scale contracts that help to support major OSU-commercial partnerships. A current example is a $500,000 collaboration with Proctor and Gamble where she developed assays to investigate the neurotoxicity of components found in the “Tide Pods” with a goal to help P&G reformulate safer consumer products. Additionally, she helped develop dozens of novel standard operating procedures that she shares with users across the world. The most recent is her CRISP/Cas 9 gene editing protocols.

D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award

The D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Award recognizes individuals for exceptional, ongoing, dedicated and unselfish concern for and service to OSU faculty.

Francis Chan
Associate Professor
Integrative Biology

Francis Chan is a leader in research on climatic effects on coastal ecosystems. His service has been critical for the long-term success of the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies in Coastal Oceans (PISCO), a consortium of 13 PIs across four universities on the West Coast. He mentors students, participates in numerous outreach activities, and works with citizen scientists to monitor ocean acidification and hypoxia on the Oregon Coast. Chan’s research is interdepartmental, interdisciplinary and interinstitutional. Importantly, his work has led to his playing a key role in transforming political attitudes along the US west coast regarding the past, present and future effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems. The work has increased recognition of OSU as a leader in research on climatic effects on coastal ecosystems. His expertise has been critical in decisions by NSF, NOAA and private foundations to provide support for research on ocean health, and he serves on a number of important advisory committees, including co-chairing the California Ocean Protection Council Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Task Force, co-chairing the West Coast OAH Science Panel (appointed by the Governors of Washington, Oregon, and California), serving on the Oregon OAH Monitoring Group, the California Ocean Protection Council Science Advisory Team, the US Ocean Acidification Principal Investigators’ Meeting, and numerous others.

Beaver Champion Award

The Beaver Champion Award is Oregon State's President's award which recognizes an individual or individuals who continually demonstrate outstanding effort and achievement of excellence, extra effort beyond that requested, and performance of the highest quality.

University Information and Technology Classroom Technology & Technical Services Teams

Marc Cholewczynski
(Associate Director-Technical Services)

Don DeMello
Associate Director-Classroom Tech. Svcs)

Lawrence Eng
Oper Systems-Network Analyst)

Jason Kovich
(Analyst Programmer)

Carl Leniger
(Equipment Systems Specialist)

Keeton Longworth
(Equipment Systems Specialist)

Gabriel Labarca
(Equipment Systems Specialist)

Derek O’Neill
(Equipment Systems Specialist)

Jeffrey Peterson
(Technical Systems Integrator)

Todd Soli
(Info Technology Consultant III)

Mark Stevenson
(Equipment Systems Specialist)

Tom Williams
(Oper Systems-Network Analyst)

The University Information and Technology Classroom Technology & Technical Services Teams are being presented with a Beaver Champion Award for 2020. Team members includes Don DeMello, Jason Kovich, Todd Soli, Carl Leniger, Keeton Longworth, Mark Stevenson, Gabriel Labarca, Marc Cholewczynski, Jeffrey Peterson, Tom Williams, Derek O’Neill and Lawrence Eng

Since the COVID-19 crisis began in March, the teams have been working intensively to update classroom videoconferencing technology in classrooms, retrofitting the rooms with additional video and audio technology to support remote delivery and class session recording (via Zoom) for the upcoming academic year. Prior to the pandemic, OSU had only 84 remote-ready classrooms in place. During the summer months, UIT typically fully refreshes around 20 classrooms, with additional work as needed. In preparation for the spring 2020 term alone, the teams updated 20 additional classrooms in Strand Hall to support remote spring term instruction, all within one week’s time. This summer, in preparation for fall term, an additional 276 general purpose and co-supported classrooms are being updated with videoconferencing capabilities to ensure that blended instruction can continue this fall, requiring installation of 271 cameras, 44 lavalier microphone systems, 550 ceiling microphones and 150 sound processors.

In addition to the classroom updates, 75 classrooms identified by the Registrar have been targeted for portable “FLEX” kits to be managed by the college IT units. The UIT Classroom Technology & Technical Services teams have designed these FLEX kits to include all the necessary equipment needed to run a class remotely using Zoom, with simple setup and installation. The FLEX kits provide a consistent approach to instruction this fall for faculty and students in a way that is straightforward and intuitive.




Jeffrey Bethel
(Project Co-Leader & Principal Investigator)

Benjamin Dalziel
(Project Co-Leader & Principal Investigator)

Roy Haggerty
(Board of Advisors & Principal Investigator)

Kathryn Higley
(Associate Director)


Jane Lubchenco
(Board of Advisors & Principal Investigator)

Katherine McLaughlin
(Co-Principal Investigator)

Javier Nieto
(Board of Advisors & Principal Investigator)

Tyler Radniecki
(Principal Investigator)


Justin Sanders
(Principal Investigator)


Brett Tyler
(Principal Investigator)

PLUS the more than 300 TRACE-COVID-19 Team members!

The TRACE-COVID-19 Team is being honored with a Beaver Champion Award for work on their community-based public health project. The TRACE-COVID-19 team tests a representative sample of community members around the state, including healthy individuals, some of whom may have the virus but do not show symptoms.

TRACE-COVID-19 is a public health project that gathers timely information essential for informing measures to slow the spread and minimize the impact of the disease. Because testing has been limited, and because only individuals with symptoms have been tested, previous to TRACE, no one knew how many people in Corvallis, Bend, Newport, Hermiston and elsewhere actually have the virus. The study was developed by four OSU colleges in partnership with the Benton County Health Department, and is called Team-based Rapid Assessment of Community-Level Coronavirus Epidemics, or TRACE-COVID-19 for short. The team includes researchers, traditional health care workers and students.

Members of the TRACE team visit residences in predetermined, randomly selected, representative neighborhoods and invite members of those households to participate in the study. By testing people who have not been tested, OSU scientists can better predict the number of people who are infected but remain undiagnosed. This is providing essential information about the pervasiveness of the virus and the rate at which it is spreading in the community.

TRACE-COVID-19 findings have helped Benton, Deschutes, Umatilla and Lincoln counties and Oregon public health leaders understand how prevalent the virus is and how fast it is spreading in the community, identify infection zones, evaluate the effectiveness of current measures and guide timely further action to control the spread of the disease and minimize its impact.

Beaver Champion Award

Dan Larson
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Dan Larson, vice provost for student affairs, is receiving a 2020 Beaver Champion Award for exceptional university service.

In early February, Larson was appointed OSU’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator. Since that time, he has organized the university community around the development of a comprehensive, clear and dynamic plan to respond to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. He developed an approach that prioritizes decision-making in a way that allows for deliberate planning, stakeholder input and concurrence with state and local health authority guidance. To do so, he created new work groups, including the Continuity Management Team (CMT), and instituted the use of innovative technology tools to broadly facilitate communication and collaboration. This work has occurred in an environment where federal public health guidance, state laws and expert advice are constantly changing.

The phased resumption model Larson proposed for OSU served as the foundation for a coordinated resumption plan for all of Oregon’s public universities, which informed the governor’s approach to reopening higher education in Oregon. He also ensured ongoing consultation between OSU leaders, state and local public health officials and other experts to ensure that the university’s plans, first and foremost, assure the safety of people in our communities. As coronavirus response coordinator, Larson is taking great care to mitigate immediate risk and consider OSU’s long-term health.

The following awards will not be presented in 2020:

The Excellence in Graduate Mentoring Award honors graduate faculty members who have extraordinary records of excellence and effectiveness in mentoring graduate students.

The Industry Partnering Award recognizes a faculty member who achieves extraordinarily high impact innovations through research collaborations with industry.

The OSU Academic Advising Award recognizes undergraduate academic advising by professional faculty rank as well as fixed-term academic rank faculty whose primary role is advising and acknowledges advising as a profession making a pivotal contribution to the OSU community.

The OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award recognizes a faculty member for superior academic performance, professional renown, and service to the University and to the public.

The OSU Exemplary Employee Award honors one professional faculty member and one classified staff member for their outstanding performance.

The OSU Faculty Excellence in Online Teaching Award recognizes faculty who devote a significant amount of time to online teaching and online course development of for-credit courses.

The OSU Faculty Teaching Excellence Award honors unusually significant and meritorious achievement in teaching and scholarship which enhances effective instruction.

The OSU Outreach and Engagement Award recognizes significant and meritorious work which enhances reciprocal learning with our students, partners and stakeholders through outreach and engagement activities.

The Elizabeth P. Ritchie Distinguished Professor Award recognizes an individual for outstanding undergraduate teaching; research, particularly related to improvement of instruction; and professional leadership.

The Richard M. Bressler Senior Faculty Teaching Award recognizes full professors who have been at OSU a minimum of 15 years and consistently provide direct instruction to undergraduate students.

The Faculty Innovator Award recognizes a faculty member whose extraordinarily high-impact innovations from research are translated into transformative results that help promote economic development and social progress.

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